Amateur Traveler Podcast
The weekly Amateur Traveler podcast looks at a different destination each week. We look at everything from what should you put on your Chicago dog in the Windy City to going to Tonga and swimming with whales. We also post transcripts for these episodes.
This Week in Travel
The This Week in Travel podcast is not quite as regular but usually is published twice a month. It is a round table discussion between co-hosts Gary Arndt, Jen Leo, a guest and me. We cover travel news and tips in each show.
Amateur Traveler Videos
Amateur Traveler also has a video version that comes out occasionally. It covers both travelogues as well as travel gear reviews.
In a world of copycats and travel bloggers who have never traveled, Amateur Traveler stands out as a highly legitimate medium. It is an entertaining, comprehensive, and reliable source of helpful information about inspiring destinations all over the world.
Chris Guillebeau
Author, The Art of Non-Conformity
The Amateur Traveler and Chris Christensen has collected a number of awards including a Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Journalism and a SMITTY award from Travel + Leisure as the "Best Independent Travel Journalist"
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Each week the Amateur Traveler talks about a different travel destination. With more than 10 years worth of shows we are very likely to have talked about your next travel destination. See our episode map.
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We do take guests posts here at Amateur Traveler, but they have to be worth reading and they have to teach me something. First read some of the articles others have written, then look at our Guest Post Guidelines.
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